Rush the Field!

Celebrate your love of the game with the love of your life. Invite your guests to join you with perforated, vintage tickets for an event that will go down in history.

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Make it Yours!

Request a set as shown above, or look below for more styles to fit your personality. Still need something that’s just right? Browse the library for more ideas or request an estimate for custom patterns, photos or illustrations of your choice!

Lil' Slugger

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Print Files

Upon order from Etsy, I'll be in touch to collect the personal details of your event. Your colors, your copy (like names, date, address, registry, etc)— all professionally set in just a couple of days. This package includes print files for the:

    -Envelope Liner
    -Envelope Flap
    -Thank You


Per Printed Set

Want printed and assembled sets sent to your door? This set will give you perforated and printed cards on 100# Whitewash Construction paper from French Paper Co. wrapped in baker's twine and stuffed in envelopes.

Need an item not shown? Feel free to request custom signs, table numbers, belly bands, place cards – whatever you need!

    An Extended Set includes:
    -Invitation (perforated)
    -RSVP Postcard (wrapped w/ the invitation in baker's twine)
    -Envelope Liner
    -Envelope Flap
    -Thank You Postcard

    A Basic Set ($2 each) includes:
    -Invitation (perforated)
    -Envelope Flap
    -Thank You Postcard
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