Little Rectangle creates DIY templates to make professionally designed invitations and paper goods more accessible for any budget and deadline. It’s run by me, a graphic designer living in Austin, TX and my husband Clark, the guy who makes websites.

After I made invitations for my wedding, I realized that I didn’t want to stop! Luckily I had a handful of family members and friends who were getting married so I didn’t have to, but I’d love to do it for more people.

There are lots of moments in life worth celebrating – find party invitations, banners, cards and more for different occasions. All of the wedding invitations are available in a range of styles and colors to show the level of customization that is possible within each collection. If you want more inspiration, visit the Library to see more patterns and images to help request a custom idea.

Guides can be found on the blog and I’ll offer specific advice for your project to help you get the best result possible. If you are in Austin, I can give even more tailored advice about where to buy paper or print shops to use. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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